IA Consulting & Finance
IA Consulting & Finance


Areas we can help you with

Here is a list of things we can do for you.

Our key services are: Finance Director. Accounting. Personal Finance. Business Consulting. Coaching. Bookkeeping.


Our focus is on making you more profit and creating more cash in your business


Finance director

We provide Finance Director services for £0.5m - £10m businesses:

  • Forward looking financial management with a commercial approach

  • Creating more profits and cash

  • Assist senior management on making better commercial and financial decisions

  • Attract funding and investors to the company

  • Negotiating vendors for best prices and terms.



Our team supports you with all your accounting needs

  • Focuses on saving you taxes

  • Ensuring records meeting financial regulations

  • Manage company’s books and records and report transactions

  • Saving you time


We support CEO and business owners with our coaching services.

  • We have coaching expertise having spent over £50k on coaching training to be the best in what we do.

  • We coach CEOs to perform at their highest level.

  • We listen and allow you to be really heard. It can be very lonely at the top.

  • It is never just pure business support you need.


Personal Finance

We focus on maximising your personal wealth

  • Wealth planning

  • Generate enough cash in your lifetime for family, children and yourself

  • Focusing on maximising your personal returns

  • Inheritance tax planning

  • In partnership with a regulated financial planner


Business Consulting

Our aim is to support you make more money

  • Grow your cash and your profits in your business

  • Business planning

  • Profit improvement

  • Cash flow planning

  • Raising funding

Bookkeeping and advice

We combine bookkeeping with business advice.

  • Automation of your bookkeeping

  • Streamline your processes

  • Provide you with business advice using ‘dashboard’ reporting

We work with our clients so intensely that we grow their business exponentially. For some that can be too much for them.
— Indy agnihotri