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IA Consulting & Finance

We specialise in Finance Director, Accountancy, Consulting and Wealth Planning Services.


Finance Experts with a Service Mindset

We are all about high impact leading with our key values

  1. We are experts in what we do

  2. We are encouraging and supportive leaders

  3. We are integrity

  4. We are masters of selling by serving 

  5. We are generous, genuine & kind 

  6. We are courageous

  7. We are masters of leverage, efficiency & productivity

Our uniqueness

  • We are not typical accountants

  • We focus on creating more cash and profit in your business

  • We are forward looking

  • We work with small businesses from start-up to £10 million of turnover.

  • Fulfillment and happiness underpins everything we do


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Business Focus

We focus on what is important to your business. And you.

To attain knowledge add things every day. To attain wisdom subtract things every day.


How to build a successful business

What can we create? Who can we serve?

Two daily questions you should ask yourself to build any successful business

How we support businesses

We help you build a successful business with more profits and cash.
In a unique way that creates a happy, fulfilling life.
— Indy agnihotri

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Email or call us to make an appointment. We're good listeners so let's discuss how we can add value to your business.

For job opportunities, please email us your CV. We’re always looking for new and exceptional talent to lead the firm into uncharted fields of practice.

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