Money is like water

Did you know. Money is a carrier of our intentions, money is energy, and money is an opportunity to nourish those things we care most about.  

As Lynne Twist, writes in her book, the Soul of Money ‘Like water, money is a carrier. It can carry positive energy, possibility, and intention. Or it can carry control, domination, and guilt. It can be a currency of love – a conduit for commitment – or a carrier of hurt or harm.  We can be flooded with money and drown in its excess, and when we dam it up unnecessarily, we keep it out of circulation to the detriment of others.’

The precise amount of money and how much it would buy is secondary to the power of money as it moved with purpose, intention, and soulful energy. The power of money is really derived from the intention we give it and the integrity with which we direct it into the world.

Money is like water

Money is like water. Money carries the energy of the commitment to make a difference. We can see that flow as healthy and true.  We can experience fulfilment in directing the flow toward our highest ideals and commitments.

If you want a clear picture of your priorities in life, who you are and what you care about, look at your bank statement to where you spend your money.

Money can come from a ‘bank account’ or from your ‘soul’. From your bank account it is intended to ease guilt or buy admiration.

What you allocate, not what you accumulate

It is what you allocate, not what you accumulate. The values of sharing, distribution and allocation – not accumulation – are the way of life.  Just as blood in the body must flow to other parts of the body, for health to be maintained., money is useful when it is moving and flowing, contributed and shared, directed and invested. When blood slows down and begins to stop or clot the body becomes sick. When water slows down and becomes stagnant it become toxic.

In Haiti – if you get a piece of cake and eat the whole thing, you will feel empty. If you get a piece of cake and share half of it, you will feel both full and fulfilled.

Those wealthy people that are deeply wounded by wealth. Contrary to our beliefs, many of these lives are an exercise in excess and emptiness. Alcoholism and drug abuse are rampant in families that are considered part of the wealthy

Your highest values

Fund raising offers a powerful opportunity to be in intimate conversation with another person about the nature of his or her highest commitments and values.

So let me ask you where do you spend your money? Do you accumulate money or do you allocate your money?

And are you spending it on your highest commitments and values in life?

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